It’s OK to be Alone

What’s wrong with being alone? Why does it seem like society paints the picture of being alone as something negative or sad? There are many questions to be asked about this topic, but the reality is a connection is necessary for us to survive. I truly believe that we were made to live beyond our existence alone. But what I also believe is that there is an advantage in being alone.

You may be asking yourself: “If it essential for us to connect with others, what advantage there be with being alone?” If that is your question, it is definitely a good one. Believe it or not, but the advantage of being alone actually contributes to a true connection. Yes we need to connect beyond ourselves, but nothing matters if the connection within isn’t in tact.

Sometimes we focus outside of ourselves so much that we ignore the gifts we have to offer. We ignore what it is that makes us unique. Living in a world that seems to attempt to set a trend or “a way of living” on the masses, it could be easy for us to forget who we really are and just how great we can be. Keeping Up With the World for a show wouldn’t be a bad title when you really think about it. In general, we tend to grade ourselves against “the standard” rather than our personal standard. I can completely agree with Lauryn Hill when she once said, “What do you mean “the standard”, I am the standard.”

Who you are before you were told to be someone is what the world really needs. It is what sets you apart from others that makes you great. This is what determines your value. It is not your ability to fit in, it is your ability to standout. So never let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough.

Being alone with yourself allows you to get better acquainted with yourself, allowing you to reflect and improve based on your current model. Being alone creates a well needed separation between you and the noise in the world and its effort to put you back in line with everyone else, but you’re greater than that.

Think of a puzzle, for example. When we put a puzzle together, we are amazed by the picture it paints. We put it on display for others to see, but what we fail to notice is the many different shapes and sizes of each puzzle that contribute to this ultimate picture. Could you imagine how it would turn out if every piece were the same? How easy of a task would it be to create such beauty?

By spending time with ourselves it makes it easier for us to form into our own shape. Don’t worry, there is a place in the world that contains that other piece of the puzzle for us to connect to. You’re necessary.